My 2005 2nd Semester Time Table

this is My 2nd Semester of 2005 Time Table 🙂

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Hello :) I'm working on K-Sign Database Security Part.
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My 2005 2nd Semester Time Table에 1개의 응답

  1. Taejin댓글:

    lol…where\’s my Friday..algorithm at 1,2nd time is lost.

  2. Kornsukol댓글:

    Tae-jin, thanks for showing your schedule :)Seem like you are very busy on Wednesday and Thursday, right? (I guessed that from the Korean word) ^^Anyway, try your best and study hard na\’.I\’m going to finish my semester in next 2 weeks ^0^ hahahaha~~~But you know, that means I\’m gonna have the final exam soon. It\’s around 10th-20th of October. Terrible!!Talk to you soon. 😀

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